Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Applique Group Review

Sat was my monthly Applique Society meeting and was there ever a lot of show and share for our little group.  The turnout ebbs and flows like any other group, as we have several snowbirds and busy lives.  Although only 8 attended this meeting, those eight have had busy hands.

First up is M, the daughter of our leader, JB.  This mother, wife, f/t employee, cannot sit without something in her hands and her work is fabulous.  While doing some cleaning/reorganizing in her sewing area, she found this block from the Carrie Hall Sampler.  So much had already been done on it, so she has continued the journey.  M likes the back basting method of appliqued.

Hexis with embroidery anyone?  What a terrific table topper and done in time for Thanksgiving.

To top off her show and share, look at the amazing sweater those busy hands of hers have knit.  Looks like it came out of a specialty high end store in the big city.  Absolutely amazing.  The opening is faced with a fabulous ribbon that M ordered online, sorry I missed a photo of it.

Next up is our fearless leader, JB, showing us her selvage bag.  I believe she said she sewed the strips to a foundation and then pieced it all together.  Again, I missed the detail shot.  She used a Moda selvage for the facing of her bag strap and it was so perfect.  These two both work the details to the max.

 Here is her applique, a Christmas block that appeared in our TAS mailer.  I saw the line drawing and though, hoe, hum, kinda boring.  Now that I see how J has started to bring this to life, I have put this on my to do list.  We all thought it has a great retro look, a flash back to Christmas cards from days gone by.  Does anyone still send cards?  I do, and they say Merry Christmas! 

A BOM that J is working on, monthly birds.  Love the black background on this piece.  The colors really pop.  Look at those bleeding hearts in the top right block, so cute!

A finished top and perfect to show and motivate us to get out those Christmas pieces that are not finished.  I still cannot believe that I don't have Christmas pillows, I remember saying that last year and promising myself I would have three pillow covers to put out this year.  Hmmmm I best get busy. I think J said this was a gift to her and she is giving it back to the person who gave her the kit.

K has been busy with English paper piecing, using little wedge shapes to make Pies and Tarts.  Love how she has done some Pies with two fabrics and others have been fussy cut.  The fabrics are all Asian and this is gorgeous.  Its a perfect 'take along' project as it fits into a little zip lock baggie.

Last, but not least, is CO's rendition of Di Ford's Mystery quilt being offered through Quiltmania.  C ordered the chintz to get started and the rest of the fabrics have been pulled from her stash.  Oh my, can you imagine what her sewing room looks like?  I'd love to go play in it for an hour or so.  The next round is appliqued petals and C has a start on that.  She says the last round is going to be slow going as it's lots of little stars.  I'm sure it will be beautiful.
Thanks for visiting my Applique group, it is such a joy to meet with these talented stitchers every month and peek into their sewing lives.


Monday, November 10, 2014

Time Marches On

I've finally got a finish for myself. This quilt has been in the works for a very long time. There was a lot of cutting, see this post from 2010 and a lot of stitching to get it to this point, shown here

Where did the 4 years, 7 months, and how many days go?  I have no idea why it took this long to get to this.  I'm just very pleased that I now have a new quilt for my bed.

There are so many quilts stitched into this quilt.  Sewing the binding down gave me time to reflect and reminisce about all the previous quilts that were the foundation of this Log Cabin.  I've not kept a decent record of my quilts, but so many of these fabrics brought back memories of many quilts I have made and gifted out.  That makes this one all the more special for me to keep for myself.

Feathers seemed to be the way to go for the quilting and I wanted to try this new to me version of feathers.  I worked out the kinks, and I LOVE how it turned out.  I just know this is going to be one of those quilts that I will use and love even more as time marches on.

I still cannot believe it was March of 2010 when this was a completed top.............. but the past blog posts don't lie.

Are you working on a blast from the past?  If so, share it, you just might motivate someone to finish one of their own.


Thursday, November 6, 2014

Resolved and a Return Ticket

Hi everyone,
I have got my website and email issues resolved, thanks to Amazon.  Yes, Amazon.  I could not give the Domain help desk the last 4 digits of my credit card because I have a card I only use for online purchases and it was at home.  I finally remembered it was on file with Amazon for all my Kindle purchases and I was able to log into that account, see the numbers and have tech help believe I really was me and fix my problem.

I have been on a road trip with my 79 year old father.  Blaine, WA to Casa Grande, AZ in 2 1/2 days.  We had a blast and I was so happy to be able to help him with the driving.  His neck got all locked up just days before our departure day, so it was just terrific that I had planned to join him on this road trip.  Twin Falls, ID and Las Vegas NV and no quilt shops in between.  Just a lot of highways and stories of days gone by.  How lucky was I to have this uninterrupted time with my father.

Heading home now, just waiting on my plane.  Stitching on a block for this quilt.  The block I have with me is the branch with the birds nest.  I did a lot of back basting prep work so I wouldn't have to deal with pins while traveling and that idea paid off.  Leaves have been appliqued, and I got the branch back basted at Dad's last night, so I shall sign off, pick up my needle and thread and make a little headway on this beautiful quilt.

Hope there is sunshine or stitches in your day today.

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Technical Issues

If you have tried to email me or access my website, you will have found it unavailable.  I'm on the road right now, I've called my guy who hosts everything and it's not at his end.  Now I'm on hold, 41 minutes and waiting, to get on to the domain company.  GRRRRRRR

Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Hallow'een

Its a foggy rainy day here in the NW. Perfect for trick or treating, right? Well, not so much. But I'm sure the kidlets will persevere and go home with a pillow case full of loot. I like the "trunk or treats" that go on now, but as for us, we won't see one ghost or goblin tonight. The house is too far off the road, and being a gated community, they have a big event at the community hall for the kids.
Here are a few pieces I have enjoyed looking at this month.

I love these blown glass pumpkins.  I pull them out every year and leave them out through Thanksgiving.

My favorite hallow'een piece.  This has a flannel back and was perfect to take to the local Friday night high school football game.  School colors here are orange and black. 

some spiral quilting.......
bias strip borders............

and a happy black cat who LOVES to sleep on this quilt.

A beautiful sunset over Birch Bay this month, but I'm now looking forward to sunrises here.  November and December are the best time for sunrises.

Hoping you all get lots of treats this weekend!

Sunday, October 19, 2014

TAS Applique Blocks

Here are 8 of the 9 blocks going into the 2015 give away quilt for The Appliqued Society. I somehow missed one of the blocks, but there are a couple of close-up shots. The workmanship is amazing in these and whoever wins this quilt will be able to display it with pride.
Pictures are from my phone, so not the best, but it's what I got!

I'll post more details about the patterns, size, etc. once the top is assembled. I have the honor of quilting this piece, and I'm already running ideas through my head. This was a great project for me, I've never been part of a group quilt like this. I admit, I was intimidated going into this and now I would love to do more projects of this nature.

Hoping you find time for a few stitches today,

Monday, October 6, 2014

Milestone Monday

Yes, it has happened. I have got all the appliqued blocks in the center of this 25 block quilt outlined in the cream thread.  You also might know, I've also done some of the grid work in the background as I've gotten bored with the seemingly endless outlining sessions on this piece.

Wow, 25 blocks, that has been a journey. Now I'm on to outlining  the border applique and will continue the cross hatching throughout the body of this piece. I make sure I do some outlining every time I pick up this quilt.  I use it as a warm before I get to the cross hatch stitching.

As I spread this out to snap a few photos, I took a closer look at my progress.  I realized I'm almost finished all the background grid in the center 9 blocks.  Just a bit left on these two blocks.

Once all the cream hand quilting is done, I will bind the quilt. At that time, I will go back and finish the individual block quilting. Many flowers, vases, and leaves need more quilting, but I want to do this in matching threads.

An outside block that is almost finished. 

This just goes to show that you hand quilt a large quilt just like they say, "one stitch at a time"

And I would be remiss if I didn't share a photo of the back.  I love running my hand over the back, the tactile feel of this is amazing.  It's like running a hand over the past, I see my grand parents, their home, my childhood, and yet, we did not have quilts.  It's just the "feel good" feeling I get. 
Just like the feeling I got the other day when I walked down the driveway at my guys place, opened up the mailbox, inserted an envelope with a stamp on it and put the flag up. Yes, they still pick up the mail from your private mailbox in his neighborhood.

My BTCT goal has been bumped by a year, the new goal is June of 2015. I took the first stitches on the quilting Jan. 1, 2013 but took a good 6 month hiatus from this last fall/winter. It's amazing how a guy can take up quilting time. *vbg*  Now I'm trying to stitch on it every day, for a minimum of 30 minutes. That usually extends to 45 - 60 and it's a matter of giving this some priority in my day.

Are you doing any hand work this winter? If so, please share